54-1017-RSG - Body & Magnet Head AS

54-1017-RSG - Body & Magnet Head AS

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Replaces OEM#: TS11, 17107

Comstock Castle
Garland Ovens 293, GD-30RBJ, ST286, Series 40R, 40/50, G30A, G280, H280, TG2, TTG2, HI28. TS Safety, Magnet Head And Gas Carrier, J Type Gas In/Out 3/8" NPT, Pilot In/Out 3/16" CCT. If Customer Needs 3/8" FPT w/ 1/4" CCT, Use #48-1117. If Needed For 7/16" You Must Order Qty. 2 Of 3/8" NPT To 7/16" CCT Reducer Fittings, Part #26-2183.

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