44-1205-RSG - Ignition Control

44-1205-RSG - Ignition Control

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Replaces OEM#: 1175723

Southbend GB-12CCH, GB-12PC, GB-12RT, GB-12SC, GB-15CCH, GB-15PC, GB-15RT, GB-15SC, GB-22CCH, GB-22PC, GB-22RT, GB-22SC, GB-25CCH, GB-25PC, GB-25RT, GB-25SC, GS-12CCH, GS-12PC, GS-12RT, GS-12SC, GS-15CCH, GS-15PC, GS-15RT, GS-15SC, GS-22CCH, GS-22PC, GS-22RT, GS-22SC, GS-25CCH, GS-25PC, GS-25RT, GS-25SC, SLGB-12SC, SLGB-12SCCH, SLGB-25SCCH, SLGS, SLGS-12SC, SLGS-12SCCH, SLGS-15SC, SLGS-15SCCH, SLGS-22SC, SLGS-22SCCH, SLGS-25SC, SLGS-25SCCH, STRG-3D, STRG-5D
Southbend Has Swiched From Fenwal To A Capable Controls Module, Which Is Blue. Wire Harness Is #38-1352. If Ordering For Bakers Pride, The Old Ram Module Is Needed, Order #44-1575 Or #44-1387 For The Kit That Includes The Wire Harness. Wire Harness For 44-1387 Kit Available Separately As No.38-1352, Which Will Fit Either Ram Or Fenwall Modules. Bakers Pride Use #44-1575 Or Kit #44-1387.

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