42-1814-RSG - Low Pressure Switch

42-1814-RSG - Low Pressure Switch

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Automatic Reset High, Low & Condenser Fan Cycling Pressure Switches. Low Pressure Open 10 PSI, Close 25 PSI, +/- 15 PSI High Pressure SPST Open On Pressure Rise. Low Pressure SPST Open On Pressure Fall. Condenser Fan Cycling SPST Open On Pressure Fall. 1/4" Female SAE Connection. Snap Acting SS Hermetically Sealed Sensor (SHP, SLP & SFC). Small Size And Light Weight For Direct Mounting. Excellent Set Point Repeatability/Stability. Pressure Range 0 To 650 PSI, Burst Pressure 5000 PSI. Life @ Rated Load: 100, 000 Cycles. Rated Voltage: 50/60 Hz. 24/120/240 V (6 RLA, 36 LRA). Temperatures Ambient 20°F To 176°F (-30°C To 80°C), Fluid 60°F To 250°F (-50°C To 120°C).

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